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Maseca Flour – Instant Corn Tamal Flour Mix

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October 28, 2023
Juanita's Menudo
Juanita’s Menudo
October 28, 2023

Are you on a quest to make mouthwatering tamales? Look no further than Maseca Flour. Instant Corn Tamal Flour Mix.” This flour mix is the key to crafting delightful tamales, one of Mexico’s cherished culinary treasures.

Size: 2kg

Product Description

It is an essential ingredient in the preparation of tamales, one of the most emblematic dishes of Mexican cuisine. This flour is made from ground corn and mixed with other ingredients to create a soft and delicious dough, perfect for wrapping tamale fillings.

  • The Essence of Easy Preparation:
    Maseca Tamale Flour simplifies the tamale-making process. Crafted from ground corn and a blend of ingredients, this flour mix creates a soft, pliable dough ideal for encasing flavorful tamale fillings. Its user-friendly nature ensures that making tamales becomes a hassle-free culinary adventure.
  • Versatile Flour for Culinary Creativity:
    This flour isn’t just limited to one recipe; it’s a versatile ingredient that allows you to experiment with various tamale fillings and flavors. Whether you opt for chicken tamales filled with savory shredded chicken, salsa, and wrapped in corn husks or prefer the sweet and creamy touch of Tamales de Elote infused with corn kernels, Maseca Flour offers a canvas for your tamale-making creativity.
  • Bringing Tradition to Your Table:
    Available in a 2kg size, Maseca Tamale Flour encapsulates the essence of Mexican culinary heritage, allowing you to savor the tradition of making authentic tamales in the comfort of your home.

Maseca Tamale Flour Recipe Ideas:

  • Chicken Tamales: Prepare a delicious tamale dough by mixing Maseca flour with chicken broth and lard. Fill them with shredded chicken, salsa and corn husks, and steam them.
  • Tamales de Elote: Add corn kernels to the masa to give them a sweet and creamy touch. You can serve them with a chocolate sauce or simply sprinkled with sugar.

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