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Latino Food Market is an established premium Latin store, where you can find all those great tastes and flavors that make Latin American cuisine unique. Located in Calgary, Latino Food Market offers satisfaction and variety with products that range from many countries of Latin America.

We bring the best from home, the great tastes and traditions that have been developed for centuries. Come and join us in this journey back to our roots, and for those who like an adventure we have the best flavors that will awaken all your tastebuds.
We are committed to the community in Calgary, we have authentic Hispanic products, deliciously prepared meals, and money transfer services.
Always ready to provide our best service with all our human warmth, which is the most important thing for us. At Latino Food Market Latin Store you can always find those hard-to-find ingredients to cook your favorite Latin dish or, if you prefer, order some of our delicious take-out food to enjoy at home with family & friends. We have a variety of products such as Corn Tortillas, Dry Chiles & Spices, Tamales, Empanadas, Fresh Salsas, and much more.
Buy Online your Latin American food products & Groceries from Mexico, Central & South America, and the Caribbean. Imported hard-to-find products.

We are located in Calgary, Alberta close to the intersection of McKnight boulevard and Centre street, visit our store and enjoy some of the most delicious and traditional south American soups, Mondongo, Ajiaco, Sancocho and Frijiolada

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