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Juanita’s Menudo

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Maseca – Instant Corn Tamal Flour Mix
October 28, 2023
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October 28, 2023

Size: 735gr

Product Description

Juanita’s Menudo is a traditional Mexican dish that has conquered palates around the world. This delicious stew is made with beef belly slowly cooked in a tasty red sauce, accompanied by hominy (corn treated with lime). It is a true culinary gem and a source of Mexican tradition.

  • Traditional Mexican Flavor.
  • Convenience.
  • Versatility.

Recipe Ideas with Juanita’s Menudo:

  • Menudo Rojo: Serve the menudo hot in a bowl, and accompany it with chopped onion, oregano, dried chiles and warm corn tortillas – it’s a classic!
  • Menudo Verde: Some people prefer a version of menudo verde with a green chile sauce instead of the red sauce. Try this variation for a different experience.