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Chamoy Sauce – Chilerito

Jarritos mexican cola - Soda
Jarritos mexican cola – Soda
October 27, 2023
Salsa Lizano
Salsa Lizano
October 27, 2023

Size: 1L

Product Description

Chilerito Chamoy is a delicious Mexican-style chamoy sauce that offers an authentic and exciting flavor. Chamoy is a popular condiment in Mexico that combines sweet, salty and spicy flavors with a touch of acidity, creating a unique balance.

  • Authentic Mexican Flavor.
  • Versatility.

Recipe Ideas:

  • Fruits with Chamoy: Slice fresh fruits such as watermelon, pineapple or mango and add Chilerito Chamoy to give them a spicy, sweet and sour twist.
  • Tacos and Sauces: Use it as a sauce for tacos al pastor or as a dressing for snack sauces.
  • Michelada de Chamoy: Add Chilerito Chamoy to your michelada for a refreshing, sweet and sour drink.