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Colombian coffee – Juan Valdez Premium Classic

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August 30, 2023
Maizena-Corn Starch 400g
Maizena – Corn Starch
October 25, 2023

size: 100gr

Product Description

Looking for the authentic Colombian flavor in every sip? Juan Valdez Premium Classic Coffee is the perfect choice. Each bean comes from the most prestigious coffee lands of Colombia, which guarantees an authentic flavor in every cup. The meticulous selection of beans and the careful roasting process ensure an exceptional quality in each cup. Enjoy a unique sensory experience, from the captivating aroma to the smooth and balanced flavor. In addition, by choosing our coffee, you contribute to the wellbeing of Colombian coffee growers and their communities, as we promote sustainable and fair practices. Are you ready to live an experience that goes beyond the beverage? Immerse yourself in a cup of authentic passion and discover why Café Juan Valdez Premium Clásico is more than a coffee, it is an experience!