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Mexican Hot Chocolate Abuelita

Pony Malta - Malta Beverage
Pony Malta – Malta Beverage
October 26, 2023
Chocoramo - chocolate covered vanilla cake
Chocoramo – chocolate covered vanilla cake
October 26, 2023

size: 540gr

Product Description

Abuelita Mexican hot chocolate is more than just a hot chocolate; it is a piece of history and tradition that melts in your cup. Crafted from a time-honored recipe passed down from generation to generation, we create each bar with the perfect blend of high-quality cocoa and spices, making this chocolate truly special.

Ideas for enjoying Abuelita Mexican hot chocolate

  • Chocolate Latte: Elevate your morning coffee by adding a pinch of Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate powder. Stir for a smooth and comforting latte.
  • Irresistible desserts: Take your desserts to the next level by infusing them with the delicious taste of Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate. From brownies to cakes, the possibilities are endless.